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Patient Reviews

* * * * * on 5/19/15

I absolutely love this office. The staff were very polite, professional, efficient and extremely helpful! Very clean office and a great selection of glasses. I am very lucky to have found this office. Beth T.

* * * * * on 3/11/15

Share review I had been putting off going to an eye doctor for my vision issues the way most people put off going to the dentist. (definitely in denial about aging) Eye Care Plus and Dr. Howard made it a quick, thorough, and fun experience. The staff was all really great and Dr. Howard was kind and listening. Ya know, the way a doctor should be! I explained to Dr. Howard that I spend too much time working at a computer and that my eyes were feeling fatigued and seemed to take forever to focus. After a few tests, he shook my hand and explained to me the solution. I had NO idea that the lab manager would personally make my glasses in 15 minutes. While picking out frames, I was thinking surely I’d get them UPS in a week or two. I was even more surprised at how affordable the exam and frames were. Awesome! The best part is, the glasses fixed my all my fatigue problems AND my girlfriend thinks they’re sexy. Bonus! Billy K.

* * * * * on 3/2/15

Honestly stumbled upon this great little shop by accident and couldn’t be more happy I did! The ladies at the front desk were very sweet and the gentleman who helped me with all the different frames was very helpful. They actually had a much better assortment then anywhere else I have looked and I ended up with two pairs I loved (which is huge for me!!!). They also had both my glasses ready in 20 minutes which was the best part of all! No waiting a week before picking up my glasses! Would absolutely recommend anyone going to this great establishment.

* * * * * on 7/26/14

I’ve Found An Optical Office I LOVE!! It’s official–after living in San Diego for 6 years, I’ve finally found an optical office that I love. Eye Care Plus is what I have been looking for! I like Dr. Howard a lot. He is very personable, caring and takes his time getting to you and your activities. He is also very knowledgable about what is the best option. I have astigmatism and never had much success with contact lenses. Dr. Howard told me that if I was motivated to try, so was he. He worked with me and I ended up with great lenses that WORK! Eye Care Plus is also open on Saturday and has an optical shop right in the office, so you can get glasses in an hour. I have never had a better experience with an optical office. High marks to Dr. Howard and the techs.

* * * * * on 5/11/13

My family has been going to Dr. Howard for about 15 years now. He has always been able to accommodate us with whatever we need. His staff is very knowledgeable and his office is always clean. Thank you Dr. Howard and Staff. Mike B.

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Lora J. I have to share my great impression of Dr. Robert Howard and the assistants at his office in San Diego. I have worn contacts and glasses for many years, but only Dr. Howard could help me get a pair that really felt comfortable for all day wear. My red and itchy eyes are a thing of the past since I started seeing Dr. Howard. He has a really gorgeous office that is easy to get to and easy to park in, and the service I receive there is beyond compare. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my contact lenses, eye exams and glasses because I really believe that Dr. Robert Howard is the best in San Diego.

Did I mention I found the best eye care office in San Diego thanks to my significant other? At EYE CARE PLUS on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. right near my office, I was able to get an eye exam and a really nice pair of designer glasses for myself. The optician was really great and the doctor couldn’t have been nicer. A definite add on to my list of great providers of services in San Diego. Kathleen

When you’ve been wearing contacts and glasses as long as I have (20+ years) you are pretty quick to realize when you’ve found a great eyecare office. I found Dr. Howard in 1995 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He has a great group of assistants, a good selection of glasses to choose from and his hours are really convenient. I just went for my 17th eye exam with Dr. Howard, and it’s even better then before! J.S. 2014

5 of 5 stars Daddy mac – I’ve been relying on Dr. Howard for my eye care for 21 years, since attending college in San Diego; even after moving to Orange county 15 years ago. My wife and 7 and 9 year old boys all go with me now! He has always updated his equipment to provide for a state of the art examination and has worked with me to make sure I’m getting what I need. He’s been exceptionally patient when fitting me with contacts and over the years has given me countless new types of lenses to try to make sure I have the best vision and comfort possible. I visited the new office for the first time yesterday and it’s great and the staff are very accommodating. I’ve tried a couple of places closer to home, but their technology and treatment did not compare.

5 of 5 stars Bill M. I have been going to Dr. Robert Howard’s Eyecare Plus for more than 10 years and I have always been very pleased with the care I get and the low fees he has. Dr. Howard is a great doctor, and the office is always buzzing with patients. My wife and I get our glasses and contact lenses there. Dr. Howard will actually mail our contacts to us if we want and they have really good selection of frames. Because he makes the glasses on site, we always get our glasses made the same day as our exam. My wife and I both work long hours, so we both really appreciate the Saturday hours at Eye Care Plus.

Dr. Howard’s Eyecare Plus voted Best Optical in San Diego! I have a difficult prescription and i had never been able to wear contact lenses until a friend recommended Dr. Howard. I went to his beautiful office in Kearney Mesa and I was immediately impressed with the huge selection of eyewear, and the very caring staff. Dr.Howard took a lot of time with my exam, and made sure he got me the right lenses. I can now see so perfectly, and the contacts he prescribed are so comfortable. I have taken in my family and two coworkers and all are thrilled with Dr.Howard optical office. We took a vote at my office and we decided he is the best in town!